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Effective Natural Products - we inform visitors on our wholesale liquid vitamin supplements for both people and pets. Our primary seller is shellfish-free, vegetable glucosamine. We also sell some capsule products and private label formulas for customers wanting to do so.

Liquid Benefits

Support your health with the vital nutrients of liquid supplements. Liquid vitamins have been shown to have absorption rates as high as 98%!


Liquid Supplements - Where We Are Headed


Aren't we all suffering from PILL FATIGUE? We are personally so over it! Effective Natural Products has always specialized in liquid vitamin supplements.

Absorption for system use is the main key and reason we do so. According to the highly respected and referenced Physicians’ Desk Reference (designed to provide physicians with the full legally mandated information applicable to all prescription drugs), only about 10% to 20% of the nutrients in vitamin pills are absorbed by the body. Pills, tablets and capsules are made with many fillers and binding ingredients that can actually inhibit absorption of active nutrients. 
Liquid vitamins and sprays can be utilized and absorbed up to 98%.

Other liquid benefits:
Do not require digestion, near immediate entry into the bloodstream for quick and full effect.

Liquid vitamin ingredients are usually derived from plants, pills and tablets are generally manufactured with synthetic materials. Pills and their high concentration of fillers, binders, stabilizers and coatings provide for a fairly UN-natural composition.

Easier to swallow especially for seniors, youth and those who might be sick.

Liquid dosing can be more easily controlled; no cutting pills or loss from crumbling tablets.

Liquid supplements appear to be more expensive. However, once you consider that only about 10 to 20% of the nutrients are absorbed from pills, liquid nutrients become the clear economical choice.

HOT TERM: Bio-availability - How much of a nutritional vitamin or supplement can be readily absorbed by the body and used for its intended purpose.

2017 Industry Trends - consumers are seeking alternative delivery formats, tired of choking down the horse pills.