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Effective Natural Products - we inform visitors on our wholesale liquid vitamin supplements for both people and pets. Our primary seller is shellfish-free, vegetable glucosamine. We also sell some capsule products and private label formulas for customers wanting to do so.

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Learn about the benefits of our natural products as well as supplement industry insider information with our Continuing Education Series.

Continuing Education from Effective Natural Products - Issue 2

Tanda Weeks

The increasing need for VISION Supplementation

Blue Light (HEV) – Visible light, high energy and short wave length.
The cornea & lens of the eye are very effective at blocking UV rays from the light-sensitive retina & macula. On the other hand, virtually all visible blue light passes through the cornea & lens & reaches the retina.

Display screens of electronics, computers & smartphones emit significant amounts of blue light. The amount of time now spent using these devices & the proximity of screens to the user's face have health care professionals concerned about the long-term effects of blue light on eye health. Cumulative & constant exposure to blue light has the potential to cause damage to the retinal cells, leading to retinal cell death which can in turn lead to macular degeneration.

Carotenoids - Carotenoids are phytonutrients (plant chemicals), they are found in the cells of a wide variety of plants, algae & bacteria. In the
human body, carotenoids act as antioxidants & provide anti-inflammatory & immune system benefits.

Lutein & Zeaxanthin are the only carotenoids found in the retina. Lutein & zeaxanthin in the macula block blue light from reaching the retina, thereby reducing oxidative damage that could lead to macular degeneration (AMD). A number of studies have found that lutein &
zeaxanthin either help prevent AMD or may slow the disease.